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River discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her right before Valentine’s Day. The sweet chick had all of her plans already set in stone, so this devastating news is all the more heartbreaking. River’s stepdad, Mike, tries to console River by telling her what a goofball her ex is and that she’s way out of his league anyway. Feeling better, River wants to get into her Valentine’s outfit, so she starts stripping in front of her stepdad. Mike is thrown completely off guard. He’s no prude, but he knows sure well he shouldn’t be seeing his stepdaughter’s tits and ass. Still, her perky tits are phenomenal, and it’s been a while since he’s seen a younger chick almost naked in front of him. River laughs, seeing that her stepdad is clearly shocked. She gets the sense he might even be a little turned on, which excites her, but she doesn’t want to make things too weird. River assures Mike it’s no big deal, and she even has her stepdad touch her tiny, perfect nipples a little so he can see it’s just skin. River’s tits feel incredible in his hand. Her soft skin is familiar and pleasant. Mike knows it’s taboo but decides it’s best to treat this as normal and not blow it out of proportion. After this little fling, Mike can’t get his stepdaughter off of his mind. The feeling of her breasts and her skin lingers in his memory, and he desperately wants to relive that moment. Mike is hesitant to say anything right away because he doesn’t want to give the wrong impression, and he knows he’d be in deep trouble if they were to mess around and get caught. However, when Mike sees River in her short skirt, he can’t help but make the first move and set the stage for another sexual encounter with his stepdaughter. Mike tells River she should blow the first random cock she comes across and that she should take a video of the blowjob and send it to her ex. River thinks it’s a great idea but states she is going to be hard-pressed to find a cock to suck on such short notice. Mike tells River she’s in luck and that she can suck his cock. The words feel extremely raunchy coming out of his mouth. It’s a big step and a risky one at that. River had secretly hoped her stepdad would pull something like this. She’s still new to sex and messing around with guys, but seeing her stepdad’s cock has been on her mind ever since he saw her naked. River agrees and gets right to sucking his dick. It’s big, but she knows she can take it. River wants to make her stepdaddy proud and prove to him that she’s a bad girl now. River sucking Mike’s cock is even more intense, given the tension Mike has built up in his mind. River gets so into sucking her stepdad’s dick that she forgets she’s doing it to send her ex a video. The video becomes secondary. River gets a quick shot of the action, but once she’s done filming, she keeps sucking for the fun of it. She wants to taste her stepdad’s cum and swallow his load. When Mike can’t hold his load any longer, he cums hard in River’s mouth. She feels every pump as the thick ropes of cum fill her throat. She doesn’t leave a drop behind and smiles at Mike lovingly. Later, Mike and River know they need to take things even further. They’ve both been wanting to mess around again, and this time River wants her stepdaddy to fill her pussy up. Mike can hardly contain his excitement. River sucks Mike’s cock to warm him up before she climbs on top of him. She is so wet that Mike’s cock easily slides into her pussy. Riding her stepdad feels even better than she anticipated. River rubs her clit and sends her ex another raunchy vid, attempting to make him even more jealous. Mike doesn’t want to cum too quickly - he wants to savor every moment he has fucking his smoking hot stepdaughter. They switch into all sorts of positions and take in the intimate moment together. When Mike is about to cum, River sucks his dick and takes every drop again. This is a dynamic they could certainly get used to.


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