Peter and his girlfriend Ashley book a trip together and they invite Madison, Peter’s stepmom, to come over. It’s their first holiday together and Ashley wants everything to go perfectly with her man and her future mother-in-law, but something unsettles her: Peter is too horny around her and eats her pussy while his stepmom is right in the other room. Worried about this, Ashley interrupts Peter, who storms off confused. Madison sees the whole situation, so she comes to discuss it with Ashley. The milf believes her boy is so horny because he’s been getting ideas from her “strange side job.” Trying to help Ashley fit in the family, Madison explains to her that getting kinky will improve the girl’s relationship with Peter. To prove her point, the blonde milf starts playing with his stepson’s girlfriend’s pussy, making her discover a new world of pleasure. Ashley feels awkward about it but is also deeply aroused by her soon-to-be mother-in-law’s gentle touch. Up next, Madison goes to Peter’s room to suck his cock–the only way to make Ashley understand how things work in this family. Later on, Ashley tries to get kinky with her boyfriend, but she just can’t get it right. Madison jumps in to save the day once more, dressed as a dominatrix and eager to go nasty. Ashley and Madison join forces to devour Peter’s cock and go for a ride on it, getting Peter’s approval in the form of sweet cum for the gals to savor together.


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