Three Cheers for Madi!

Madi Collins isn’t your typical cheer captain. She’ll go above and beyond the usual methods of leading her team to victory. She rules with an iron fist, and her raucous behavior has raised some eyebrows. Some people seem to think Madi is a bully and that her leadership style is far too aggressive. But Madi doesn’t care what people say - if she isn’t number one, then she may as well not cheer at all. When Principal Pounder learns of Madi’s bratty behavior, he knows he must take immediate action. Principal Pounder calls Madi into his office, letting her know other cheer members have come forward regarding Madi’s harsh demands. She denies all accusations and reiterates how determined she is to succeed. Pounder knows Madi’s type. She thinks she can outwit him and weasel her way out of any situation by acting the fool. But Principal Pounder isn’t some softy without unconventional methods of his own. Principal Pounder knows how to deal with a bully, but he’s never had to deal with someone quite as tough as Madi. Still, he knows he can teach her the lessons she needs through tough love and discipline. Principal Pounder lays down the law and tells Madi her two choices are a new experimental reformation program or the revocation of her title as Cheer Captain. It’s an easy choice for Madi, as she’ll do anything to remain squad captain. . This reformation program is not an easy one, and it will push Madi to her limit. The first step is stripping and spanking. Principal Pounder makes Madi remove her cheer uniform. Madi is combative at first. She unintentionally drops her cool act and reveals her bratty personality. But this is good progress - now Principal Pounder has control over the situation. With Madi now wearing only her undies, Principal Pounder bends her over his desk and spanks her with a ruler. The cold steel against Madi’s bare ass excites her. Something was awakening inside her, which she didn’t know was there. Madi had always been the dominant one, so to be so vulnerable and submissive was new and exciting. The more Principal Pounder spanked her, the wetter Madi became. Dirty thoughts raced through Madi’s mind, and she couldn’t believe the sexual awakening that was occurring. Principal Pounder quickly realizes that the situation turns Madi on. Seeing her get excited turns him on, too. But he knows he has to keep his professional face on. The pervy principal slides his finger into Madi’s wet pussy. She moans in pleasure and submits to Principal Pounder completely, apologizing for her bratty behavior. Suddenly, Madi is very much looking forward to part two of her reform program, and with Principal Ppunder calling her household, Madi knows her stepmom will be involved next time. The next session begins with Principal Pounder holding a vibrator to Madi’s pussy. She is at his will, as she is bound by a spreader bar and her hands cuffed. Principal Pounder stimulates Madi’s clit, letting the vibrator pulse against Madi’s white panties. She wants to scream out in bliss, but Principal Pounder is on the phone, and on the other end is Maddie’s stepmom, Sophia. Principal Pounder undoes Madi’s handcuffs, has her get on her knees, and makes her suck his cock. She’s making progress, and although she still has an intensely bratty attitude, she’s learning to submit and show humility. Sophia comes to the school to sort things out. She’s willing to do anything to keep her stepdaughter from being expelled. Principal Pounder explains the severity of Madi’s actions and wants to show Sophia the benefits of the Brat Tamer reform program they’re currently conducting. Instantly, Sophia sees changes in her stepdaughter. She joins Pounder’s routine and gets some firsthand experience taming her stepdaughter’s bratty behavior. It’s an intense threesome that none of them will soon forget. Madi never realized that getting fucked by her principal and her stepmom could be so fun, but it’s having a lasting effect. Madi feels her bad behaviors melting away with her principal’s cock inside of her. When Principal Pounder can no longer hold his load, he cums hard on Madi’s face. Sophia holds Madi’s mouth open so she can catch every drop possible. With her face painted in cum, Madi is feeling a lot less bratty and much more submissive. But Madi isn’t through yet - she wants Principal Pounder to teach her a lesson again and again and again.

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